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FREE "Getting Started" Resources:

Centering Prayer brochure (download PDF)

Lectio Divina brochure (download PDF)

Welcoming Prayer brochure (download PDF)


Introduction to Centering Prayer video:

Practice Resources

Contemplative Outreach Ltd.

A wealth of resources have been developed to support Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and Welcoming Prayer.  Some resources, particularly audio and video materials, are available locally through group libraries, while others are available through Contemplative Outreach Ltd. (our parent organization) resources and store.   The book "Open Mind, Open Heart" by Fr. Keating, or attending an introductory course, has been the typical starting point for most beginners.  Of course, feel free to drop-in to a local group for preliminary instruction as well. 



Public Libraries:

The King County Library also has a number of Father Keating's books (including downloadable audiobooks) available


Snohomish and Skagit county libraries may have "interlibrary loan" services available that allow patrons to borrow, free of charge, certain materials from other libraries.  Ask your local reference librarian about "interlibrary loans."