A Lever and A Place to Stand by Richard Rohr, OFM

Reviewed by Jeff Renner

This book bears the subtitle, ‘The Contemplative Stance, The Active Prayer’. Although brief (just 108 pages), A Lever and A Place to Stand offers readers a wealth of Richard Rohr’s knowledge, compelling stories and wise guidance, leading readers to an engaged contemplative life. In this challenging age, Rohr emphasizes the importance of silent prayer and a contemplative response to the lure of distraction, the temptation to give in to expressions of instinctive anger, fear and despair; how Centering Prayer and the Contemplative life to which it leads offers the ability to live with the paradox presented by life. Far from being a simple critique of modern society, Rohr offers clear blueprints to the transformative path called for within our respective faiths-a path that will bring nods of recognition and assent by many, but undoubtedly a sense of discomfort to some. Ultimately, the focus, the roadmap is on what each of us is capable of, and the choices we face. It is an engaging and empowering work.

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REINVENTING ORGANIZATIONS:  A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness by Frederic Laloux

Reviewed by Sabrina MacIntyre

The practice of Centering Prayer and the changes it leads to in our lives, leaves many wishing for a way to expand such changes in consciousness to their workplace.  Imagine … a work environment made up of self-managing teams.  There are no job descriptions and no middle management.  Mutual trust is common.  Any team member may make a decision and purchase items to aid in its implementation, provided input is sought from relevant experts and affected parties.  Salaries are determined and disputes resolved via peer based processes.  If this sounds inviting, yet unfamiliar, it may be because AMBER, ORANGE, and GREEN organizational models promote decision-making based on external considerations.  In contrast, REINVENTING ORGANIZATIONS:  A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness, provides detailed examples of Evolutionary-TEAL organizations wherein we have adjusted our thinking to make decisions based on internal guidelines.  It’s a matter of “inner rightness” author Frederic Laloux explains.  Currently, these Evolutionary-TEAL organizations operate in diverse fields such as nursing, engineering, produce packing, apparel manufacturing, publishing and schooling.  What they have in common is their focus on ‘being true to themselves, being true to their calling, and being of service to the world.’  Please read this book!  

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